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You need to be Committed!

Whenever I start a new project I am so excited about getting all the materials together for it. It is so fun to go out and buy all the items and equipment I need. In fact, sometimes that is the highlight and climax of the whole project.

Once all of my planning and purchases are made, too often my excitement is then gone and there I sit with all of my new tools of the trade, but not having the motivation or energy to go forth and complete my new endeavor. How messed up is that? But can you relate? I do this all the time over and over and especially with exercise equipment.

One of my recent “new projects” was the new Asylum workout DVDs and program kit by Shaun T.
I had completed the Insanity workout program and loved it so that when I saw the add for this one I was very excited. I immediately ordered it and looked forward to receiving it in the mail. I planned in my head how I was going to get up each morning and do my fun, new, exciting workout and how I was going to get in great shape and feel wonderful about my new, stronger, healthier, leaner body!

Well, the day arrived and UPS knocked on my door and handed me my fabulous workout kit that I had been so looking forward to receiving. I opened up the box and looked through all the pretty DVDs and the beautiful case they were in. I pulled out the training ladder and jump rope, and got those all set up and even put up the training calendar on my wall! I was going to get up the next morning and begin my new workout program.

That next morning, one thing led to another, and I never did get to my workout that day or for the next month!
Finally after about 2 months I tried it for the first time and it was tough, but a great workout. Unfortunately I did not have commitment I needed to stay consistent and I quickly fizzled out.

Have you ever had this happen with new exercise equipment or any new project?

As Shaun T says… “you need to be committed”


What I do?

“It is not who I am but what I do that defines me.”

This is one of my favorite quotes and it comes from the Batman Returns movie.

Well then what is it that you do?

First off, let me say that I don’t mean this literally. This question is not asking if you play the guitar, or if you write novels, or if you have climbed the Himalayans. The “Do” in this question of mine is how do you act or conduct yourself? Batman’s response was to let it be known that one should not look upon his mask or heroic attire but to look at his conduct.

We don’t want people to judge us by our looks or our clothes or our financial wealth. We want them to look deeper and see the character behind that. That is what is truly important.

In about 30 seconds or less your brain can sum up the character of a total stranger. What do others learn from you in that thirty seconds?

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.
Henrik Ibsen

Smoking Gun

Clear your thoughts!
Now focus on this question:

What gun is smoking?

Follow this thought with me.

What is that “gun” in your life you know you need to change? That thing you know you need to address but you constantly put if off and make every excuse in the book why you cannot, should not, or will not change it!

Do you let yourself compose a whole case of courtroom debates in your mind of why you will not change something? All the while you know somewhere deep in your head that the evidence clearly points to the facts that you do need to!

I don’t know what this might be for you.. it could be you know you need to exercise, stop smoking, see a physician about an ailment, break out of an abusive relationship, write that book you have all those ideas about. It could be any number of things from something so extremely small that you are just too lazy to act upon, or it could mean changing the course of your entire life!

Whatever it means for you, be true to yourself. Be real to you! Stop with the excuses!

The gun is smoking!
You know it is!
The case is solved!
Now go forth and conquer!

Passion or Passionate?

Do you have passion inside your heart, your soul, your body?
The answer is… of course you do!

BUT are you passionate and actually follow the desires of your innermost being?

As I constantly try to figure out life and all of its vast complexities, I ponder the thought of how I personally relate to it as being only one of the 13 billion people in the world. I wonder if I am only passionate in the small confines of the chamber of my head or do I passionately seek after that which I desire? What do YOU do?

Do you take those passions as whimsical thoughts that should be immediately dismissed from your mind’s processes because you think they are silly, irrational or stupid?

Do you think others will judge you and consider you foolish and poke fun at your attempts?

Do you let limitations or constraints set up by your own cruel inner self try to defeat you and tell you that you are not good enough, you do not deserve this happiness, you are unworthy?

The mind is so powerful. We can actually psych our own selves out into thinking anything we believe and the body will follow the mind.

Do we forget our personal potential and the greatness that can be us if we follow our God given talents and desires?

My question to myself and to you.. are you passionate?

That Thought

Have you ever had a thought that pervades every minute, every hour, even days of your life?  The one thought you can’t get out of your mind until it’s solved, or over, or whatever the case may be that nullifies it for you? 

It may be a worry, an excitement, or a regret.  Whatever that thought means for you at that particular time in your day or your life, what do you do with it?  Do you mull it over throughout the crevices of your brain until it permeates every part of you down to the fibers of your soul?  Or do you constantly try to run away from it like a train that’s going to end your life?

What happens when you finally sit in the cold dark and have only that thought as your mate?

Does it drive you to exhibit greatness or does it defeat the very core of your existence?
Is it really that thought that’s important or is it how you deal with that thought that changes your world?

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