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There’s an App. for that!

Ok, first off let me warn you…I’m a huge Apple fan. When Apple comes out with a new product… it’s usually love at first sight for me.

I am sure you have, in the past, seen the commercials where they show that you can virtually do anything you can think of with your iPad, iPod or iPhone because literally …There is an app for that!

Well what about life? Is there an application for every question I have about life? Yes, I believe there is.

Do I know them all? No I don’t!

But the key is that they are out there like little Easter eggs and I just have to find them! Do I literally mean I can browse the Apple app store and find it? Of course not… I’m talking about the applications you and I both learn on a daily basis that life is constantly hurling our way!

The answers are all out there somewhere, some much more hidden than others. But if we persevere, if we don’t lose faith and the hope that we can find them, then somewhere along the way we will discover what we seek.

Unfortunately, there are questions that will never be answered until after death. Those are the ones that we have to totally rest our faith in the fact that God is in control.

Let’s wrap this all up in a neat package? Sure!

You are the designer of your own “app”! Just keep knocking! Some doors open immediately, some you have to rap your knuckles a little harder, and some doors are just never going to open no matter what.

Take the good with the bad, and for everything else? Check out the Apple app. store!

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