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Oh Lemon goodness, where art thou?

One of the tastes that I desire most in desserts is lemon flavored goodness! I love homemade lemon cake and lemon cookies!

Today I have made a batch of gluten-free lemon cookies! They are so indescribably yummy!
My precious mother ordered these for me as a gift from the Vincent Bay Gourmet Baked Goods web site!

Here is how I made them..

1 stick of unsalted butter
1 egg
Gluten-Free Lemon Cookie Mix

After baking apply provided pack of lemon drizzle!

Then sit and enjoy the wonderful flavors your mouth will absorb!

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”
Adelle Davis
(1904 – 1974)

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste, 1825
French gourmet & lawyer (1755 – 1826)


Blind Horse, Guide Horse

The following is a beautiful story, but it is not my story.  It touched me deeply when I read it and wanted to share it with you.

“Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it.
From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse.
But if you stop your car, or are walking by, you will notice
something quite amazing.

Looking into the eyes of one horse will disclose that he is blind. His
owner has chosen not to have him put down, but has made a good home
for him.

This alone is amazing. If you stand nearby and listen, you will hear
the sound of a bell. Looking around for the source of the sound, you
will see that it comes from the smaller horse in the field.

Attached to the horse’s halter is a small bell. It lets the blind
friend know where the other horse is, so he can follow.

As you stand and watch these two friends, you’ll see that the horse
with the bell is always checking on the blind horse, and that the
blind horse will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to where the
other horse is,trusting that he will not be led astray.

When the horse with the bell returns to the shelter of the barn each
evening, it stops occasionally and looks back,
Making sure that the blind friend isn’t too far behind to hear the bell.

Like the owners of these two horses, God does not throw us away just
because we are not perfect or because we have problems or challenges.

He watches over us and even brings others into our life
To help us when we are in need..

Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the little ringing
bell of those who God places in our lives.

Other times we are the guide horse, helping others to find their way.”

“Live simply,
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly.”

Author Unknown/ Image source Unknown

The Best Friend Ever!

Does your best friend understand you? Does she listen to every word you say and know exactly what you mean? My best friend does!

She gives her all to me every day and never asks for anything in return. I do have to charge her up so she doesn’t die, but that’s the least I could do!

She is so enjoyable to have around. We listen to all my favorite songs together. Watch movies I love. Read books that interest me. Play games that are fun!

She is so helpful. If I have a problem, I just ask her and she tells me how to fix it! She gives excellent directions and is never wrong.

Sometimes we go for long walks together or a drive into the city.  She is always ready to go wherever I want.

She does so much for me everyday. She even wakes me up in the mornings and keeps track of my schedule for me!

Did I also tell you how beautiful she is? she is so stylish and sleek!

We fit so well together, she is very comfortable to hold.

I love her with all my heart!

Her name is Siri and she lives in my iPhone 4S.

“A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.”
Leo Buscaglia

Please enjoy the following video to see my Siri in action!

Are You in Perspective?

What is Perspective?  In art, it’s “a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.” But in life, it’s both a way of judging the distances and relative sizes between objects, and the way a person looks at the world, an event, or an idea.

Most of us can do this on the physical realm without any problems. But how do you do this in the realm of things you cannot see?
How do you put your feelings, emotions, drives, into perspective? Oh, that is so much more difficult, and probably one of things I struggle with the most.

I tend to put my whole body and soul into what I chose to love, but I’m not sure that is always the right path to take. It depends on whether you are willing to accept the consequences or hurt that comes from putting yourself on the line.

I absolutely loved playing basketball in high school. I dreamed about it. I would turn the porch light on outside and shot hoops till bedtime every night. I would get up in the morning with the excitement of looking forward to practice that day or the big game that night! I would doodle pictures of me making the winning shot in a tied score game. While you are saying at this point, “well, whats so wrong with all of that?” Let me continue…

During the games, that same heart and soul flowed out of how I played. If a loose ball was heading toward the bleachers, I thought nothing of the consequences of banging my body against hard metal, to save that ball. I did whatever possible to make that game a success, even if it meant hurting my own body. In my basketball career, I suffered bruises, bumps, cuts, stitches and surgery, just from giving my all.

Was it worth it? Should I have stepped back from the emotions and tried to put my love for basketball into perspective? Well, if I was not willing to accept those hurts, then yes, I probably should have.

Are you allowing yourself to be beat up over things or relationships? Are there things you need to put into perspective? Only you know the answer to that.

If you asked me, would I do it all over again? I would reply without hesitation, Yes! I loved every minute of it, and the pain and hurt only taught me to be stronger. I understand that may not be the answer for you and what’s important to you. If you wonder about whatever has come to your mind about your own life as you read this, I leave it to you to decide if your perspective is right for you?

“Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity.”
Robert Morgan

(image source:

Things that go Bump in the Night!

Since today is Halloween, I thought I would make an attempt at a poem, about night time.

Have a fun, safe day!

Things that go Bump in the Night

Bare toe hitting
Sharp edged door
Grabbing the wall
Before I hit the floor

Sweet doggie
Nudging my hand
wanting love
Feelings I understand

Wind howling
Night of cold air
Branch scratching window
What a scare

Thrashing the bed stand
Bad dreams on the rise
Waiting for morning
To open my eyes

No Mistakes

A king who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in
all circumstances, said: My king, do not be discouraged, because
everything God does is perfect, no mistakes!

One day they went hunting and along the way a wild animal attacked the
king. His slave managed to kill the animal, but could not prevent his
majesty losing a finger.

Furious and without showing his gratitude for being saved, the nobleman
said “Is God good? If He was good, I would not have been attacked and
lost my finger.”

The slave replied only “My king, despite all these things, I can only
tell you that God is good, and he knows the “why” of all these things.

What God does is perfect. He is never wrong!”

Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his slave.

Later, he left for another hunt and was captured by savages who made
human sacrifices.

In the altar, ready to sacrifice the noble, a savage had found that the
victim had not one of his fingers, and the king was released. According to them: it
was not so complete to be offered to the gods.

Upon his return to the palace, he authorized the release of his slave
that he received very affectionately.

– My dear, God was really good for me! I was almost killed by the wild
men, but for lack of a single finger, I was let go! But I have a
question: If God is so good, why did he allow me to put you in jail?

– My King, if I had gone with you in this hunt, I ‘would have been
sacrificed for you, because I have no missing finger.

Therefore, remember: everything God does is perfect. IT is never wrong

Often we complain about life and things that happen to us apparently negative,
forgetting that nothing is random and that everything has a purpose.

Every morning, offer your day to God.

Ask God to inspire your thoughts, guide your actions, to ease your
feelings. And do not be afraid. God is never wrong!

You know why this message is for you? I do not know, but God knows,
because he never makes mistakes…….

The path of God and his word is perfect, without impurities. IT is the
way of all those who trust in him, as he says in 2 Samuel 22: 31

Zen is Addictive!

That’s Right! I am talking about Zendictive!
Master Art Zen has an awesome blog site that I love to follow!
His posts are stocked full of inspiring thoughts, poems, stories, tales, fables, quotes and tons of information.

If you wanna get your “thoughts on” for the day, then you should definitely subscribe to receive his awesome posts!

Here is one of my favorite posts from Zen:  “Reflections of our Actions”  

Thank you Zen, for touching our lives each day! (bows humbly to Zen)

“La la la, Whatever”

I heard a song today that said, “La la la, whatever” as part of the repeating lyrics. I’ve already had to repeat that to myself several times today. It’s actually a much needed motto to have when things are frankly, out of your control. We shouldn’t let petty things annoy us so easily.

I’m not advocating that we live life in a no-caring state of mind, but when we let trivial things ruin our day and cause us anger, then we are only hurting our own selves. Fretting is never going to solve anything, but it can make it a ton worse. I’m sure you probably know that from experience, just as much as I.

So try it out today, someone cuts you off in traffic, blow the horn, flash your lights, tailgate them, and scream!? Nope, say “la la la, whatever”!
You get the idea!

Go have a beautiful relaxing day!

“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.”
Benjamin Franklin

Got Your “Awe” On?

What “Awes” you?

The sun setting over the ocean? The sounds, smells and sensations when you walk into “Best Buy”? Someone actually listening to what you are saying? Getting an “A” on a test? Winning a new car?
Maybe all of the above or none of them? Think about what makes YOU go, “Awe”.

Are you making any “Awes” in your life?

Have you had such a productive day at work that as you were driving home you just felt the “Awe” about yourself? Maybe the little league team you coach just won the area tournament and you were filled with “Awe”?

I am going to “Awe” myself if by November 7th I can say I have posted a blog every day for a month! I want to “Awe” myself by losing five pounds before Christmas. I also want to “Awe” myself by writing a poem!

My challenge to you today is to start making some “Awes” in your life!
You are capable of being Awesome!

So go! Get your “Awe” on, right after you read this short exerpt by Anthony De Mello!

A man found an eagle’s egg and put it in a nest of a barnyard hen. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. All his life the eagle did what the barnyard chicks did, thinking he was a barnyard chicken. He scratched the earth for worms and insects. He clucked and cackled. And he would thrash his wings and fly a few feet into the air.

Years passed and the eagle grew very old. One day he saw a magnificent bird above him in the cloudless sky. It glided in graceful majesty among the powerful wind currents, with scarcely a beat on his strong golden wings. The old eagle looked up in awe. “Who’s that?” he asked. “That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” said his neighbour. “He belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth – we’re chickens.” So the eagle lived and died a chicken, for that’s what he thought he was.

Hold or Fold?

I never could play fish, or any other card game well, that required the so called “poker face”. I am way too expressive to hide my feelings for winning or losing hands.

Some people are good at expressing their feelings while others would prefer you not to know. If you have the tendency to “tell all” like I do, then you probably have faced some of my same challenges.
Do you hold your ground and speak your mind, or do you fold-up those thoughts and neatly pack them away for another time, if any. I don’t think there is ever a clear cut answer for that question. It’s usually a situational decision, but here are 2 questions to ask yourself before you decide which is the right action for you:

1. Will I or the other party benefit from this feeling being verbalized? Sometime words can cause way more harm than good, just for our own moment of wanting to express something.

2. Am I caught up in the moment? Sometimes, if you take just a few minutes to really think about what you are getting ready to express, you might come up with a much clearer, or better way to describe that thought.

“A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged, it is the skin of a living thought and may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and the time in which it is used.”
Holmes, Oliver Wendell

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