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Smoking Gun

Clear your thoughts!
Now focus on this question:

What gun is smoking?

Follow this thought with me.

What is that “gun” in your life you know you need to change? That thing you know you need to address but you constantly put if off and make every excuse in the book why you cannot, should not, or will not change it!

Do you let yourself compose a whole case of courtroom debates in your mind of why you will not change something? All the while you know somewhere deep in your head that the evidence clearly points to the facts that you do need to!

I don’t know what this might be for you.. it could be you know you need to exercise, stop smoking, see a physician about an ailment, break out of an abusive relationship, write that book you have all those ideas about. It could be any number of things from something so extremely small that you are just too lazy to act upon, or it could mean changing the course of your entire life!

Whatever it means for you, be true to yourself. Be real to you! Stop with the excuses!

The gun is smoking!
You know it is!
The case is solved!
Now go forth and conquer!

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