Passion or Passionate?

Do you have passion inside your heart, your soul, your body?
The answer is… of course you do!

BUT are you passionate and actually follow the desires of your innermost being?

As I constantly try to figure out life and all of its vast complexities, I ponder the thought of how I personally relate to it as being only one of the 13 billion people in the world. I wonder if I am only passionate in the small confines of the chamber of my head or do I passionately seek after that which I desire? What do YOU do?

Do you take those passions as whimsical thoughts that should be immediately dismissed from your mind’s processes because you think they are silly, irrational or stupid?

Do you think others will judge you and consider you foolish and poke fun at your attempts?

Do you let limitations or constraints set up by your own cruel inner self try to defeat you and tell you that you are not good enough, you do not deserve this happiness, you are unworthy?

The mind is so powerful. We can actually psych our own selves out into thinking anything we believe and the body will follow the mind.

Do we forget our personal potential and the greatness that can be us if we follow our God given talents and desires?

My question to myself and to you.. are you passionate?


About catlas

Just a girl who loves technology and her Apple products and who uses those cute little “i” pad, pod, books to read, search, socialize, game, and type out her random thoughts.

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