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You can always depend on Lucy to pull the ball out from Charlie!

Who are the first people that pop into your mind when you think of dependable people in your life? Who is that person or persons that you know will always be there for you?
Who is it, that when you ask for a favor, you know they will come through for you?

Don’t you just love those people? You can rest in the fact that they will always do their best to not let you down.
Yes, we never know what the next hour in a day will bring to us, and we can’t always do everything we set out to do. Sometimes life prevents us from being there exactly on time, or to make every service or meeting.
But you know, if that person is not there, then they have a very good reason. That’s the kind of people I am talking about!

Are you one of those people? Is there anyone that would claim you as a dependable person for them?

I am so blessed with dependable people in my life, I can think of several, and I count myself so fortunate to have them.

Two thoughts for you today… makes sure those people that you can count on, know how much you appreciate them, and evaluate how dependable you are to others.

“The greatest ability is dependability.”
Bob Jones

“Sometimes being dependable is all one can depend upon.”
Wes Fessler

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