Never, Ever, Going Back.

Moving forward
Sometimes stopped.
Never, ever, going

Through rocks,
Over mountains,
Across dry plains.

The same route,
Different journey.
Forever? No, not

With the past behind,
The future ahead.
Never turn around.

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”
Oscar Wilde

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About catlas

Just a girl who loves technology and her Apple products and who uses those cute little “i” pad, pod, books to read, search, socialize, game, and type out her random thoughts.

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  1. nice philosopoem. keep on truckin’

  2. the human body is built to effectivelt go one way, forward. Nice write ~(~_~)

  3. Catlas, I congratulate you on this concise, pointed message in verse! We DO remember what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back! We absolutely turn to stiff caracitures of ourselves when we try to go back, burying ourselves eventually in the sand dunes of our regrets and failed “do-overs”. Thank you for this reminder.

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