Are You in Perspective?

What is Perspective?  In art, it’s “a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface.” But in life, it’s both a way of judging the distances and relative sizes between objects, and the way a person looks at the world, an event, or an idea.

Most of us can do this on the physical realm without any problems. But how do you do this in the realm of things you cannot see?
How do you put your feelings, emotions, drives, into perspective? Oh, that is so much more difficult, and probably one of things I struggle with the most.

I tend to put my whole body and soul into what I chose to love, but I’m not sure that is always the right path to take. It depends on whether you are willing to accept the consequences or hurt that comes from putting yourself on the line.

I absolutely loved playing basketball in high school. I dreamed about it. I would turn the porch light on outside and shot hoops till bedtime every night. I would get up in the morning with the excitement of looking forward to practice that day or the big game that night! I would doodle pictures of me making the winning shot in a tied score game. While you are saying at this point, “well, whats so wrong with all of that?” Let me continue…

During the games, that same heart and soul flowed out of how I played. If a loose ball was heading toward the bleachers, I thought nothing of the consequences of banging my body against hard metal, to save that ball. I did whatever possible to make that game a success, even if it meant hurting my own body. In my basketball career, I suffered bruises, bumps, cuts, stitches and surgery, just from giving my all.

Was it worth it? Should I have stepped back from the emotions and tried to put my love for basketball into perspective? Well, if I was not willing to accept those hurts, then yes, I probably should have.

Are you allowing yourself to be beat up over things or relationships? Are there things you need to put into perspective? Only you know the answer to that.

If you asked me, would I do it all over again? I would reply without hesitation, Yes! I loved every minute of it, and the pain and hurt only taught me to be stronger. I understand that may not be the answer for you and what’s important to you. If you wonder about whatever has come to your mind about your own life as you read this, I leave it to you to decide if your perspective is right for you?

“Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity.”
Robert Morgan

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  1. Your “perspective” post today really helped me start to “go with the flow” regarding my challenges with failure to be as alert as I should be to social cues. For now, I am using the principle of “less is more” when speaking in person with others. I would recommend a blog that is being a great help to me in this regard: See his comments at MY website, Also, another wordpress site authored by a lover of Apple products is

  2. An important lesson to learn…trying to understand different perspectives.

  3. perspective! from my perspective… this is a great post, a literary gem, perspective of our emotions, feelings and inner thoughts and I love the pic by the way, we use to play with the camera on vacations and have us holding up battle ships and sitting on ice cream cones. I really loved this read (~_~) bows humble


  4. Great post! Love the way this starts and how you follow through.

    Playing the game — that’s a very important concept. Do we know we are in a game. What effort are we willing to give? Or do we just play all out for the joy and the fun like you did in playing basketball.

    For me, basketball is my favorite of all games so could relate to this even more. I remember getting a last second shot (first quarter though, not the fourth) — given to me by a much better player — and my not getting the shot off properly — and it neither being a shot at the rim or the backboard but in-between. It hit the back of the rim and instead of bouncing up high just sort of disappated all of its potential energy in a few very low bounces and died on the rim and rolled into the hoop. I was so embarrased and probably this is one of my most embarassing high school moments — but the basket counted, the rest of the team was happy — just not me — that, I guess, is an example of perspective.

  5. zumpoems, so great you could see that what appeared to you as a sloppy, disappointing basket was a welcome score for your teammates. Gaining greater and more frequent flashes of perspective is freeing my soul more and more each day. It looks great for you, as well! Once again, thanks catlas!

  6. Hearing how you all can relate to my posts, and apply it to your own lives, makes my day!

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