Things that go Bump in the Night!

Since today is Halloween, I thought I would make an attempt at a poem, about night time.

Have a fun, safe day!

Things that go Bump in the Night

Bare toe hitting
Sharp edged door
Grabbing the wall
Before I hit the floor

Sweet doggie
Nudging my hand
wanting love
Feelings I understand

Wind howling
Night of cold air
Branch scratching window
What a scare

Thrashing the bed stand
Bad dreams on the rise
Waiting for morning
To open my eyes


About catlas

Just a girl who loves technology and her Apple products and who uses those cute little “i” pad, pod, books to read, search, socialize, game, and type out her random thoughts.

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  1. eerie write for such an occasion, tossed a lil twist at the end, witty (grin)I come to expect that from you (~_~)have a happy hob-goblin day

  2. I better sleep with one eye open tonight!

    This is a fun little poem! 🙂

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